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According to police, a dispute over $20 of marijuana started Saturday in a Safeway parking lot and ended with gunshots and one dead in an


Dispute over $20 Worth of Pot Apparently Leads to Arlington-Area Murder

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According to police, a dispute over $20 of marijuana started Saturday in a Safeway parking lot and ended with gunshots and one dead in an Arlington-area park. Ryan Mumm, a 20-year-old from the Arlington area, died from a gunshot wound to the head suffered in the dispute. Wednesday night police arrested Dennis R. Watters, 41, of Tulalip in connection with the killing.

As the Everett Herald reports, details of the crime include "a mess of suspects, witnesses, vehicles and weapons strewn over multiple crime scenes." The paper says Snohomish County sheriff's detectives have spent the days since the tragedy trying to decipher exactly what happened, which has proven difficult given the number of young people, vehicles and weapons reportedly involved.

Currently, Watters is being held for investigation of second-degree murder, drive-by shooting and rioting. On Thursday an Everett District Court judge set bail at $1 million.

While people involved with the shooting have provided police with varying stories about what happened, it seems clear the dispute started Saturday in the parking lot of the Arlington Safeway. Police say Mumm was riding along with a friend who drives a red BMW when they were offered $20 of marijuana from a group riding in a red Volkswagen Jetta. Mumm's friend driving the red BMW took the pot, but the only trouble is he didn't pay. This started a chain of events that concluded with a planned brawl in Blue Stilly Park later that night between the occupants of both cars and the numerous friends and associates they gathered. It was a showdown that was supposed be settled by fisticuffs.

But police say several of those involved brought guns to the fight.

As to how the man accused of shooting Mumm entered the fray, the Herald reports a teenage girl who had been in the Jetta called her father and told him the BMW driver had assaulted her. Police say the girl's father apparently summoned Waters' involvement.

After members of the feuding parties converged on Blue Stilly Park, including Watters, who was driving a blue Ford pickup, things took a turn for the worse. Amid the chaos, cars rammed into each other, and eventually Mumm was fatally wounded.

As the Herald reports:

People gave detectives conflicting accounts about which cars rammed which and who opened fire first. Mumm was believed to be brandishing a gun. The weapon later was reported stolen from the home where he had been staying, according to the affidavit.

Several people got out of their cars during the tussle and multiple shots were fired.

Mumm and a friend piled into the BMW and tried again to leave the park. Watters gave chase in his truck and more shots were fired, multiple witnesses told police.

The BMW's driver sped to a nearby gas station along Highway 530, where police were called and paramedics summoned. Mumm had been shot in the head.

That's a heavy price to pay for $20 worth of pot.

Waters contends he fired in self-defense. Sheriff's detectives tell the Herald the investigation is ongoing.

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