Crop Circles Appear in Wheat Field of Couple with Remarkably Obvious Sense of Humor

Little Green Men Mug.jpg
When the aliens arrive, perhaps they'll land in Eastern Washington. Specifically, the little green men might choose to visit Wilbur, Wash., in Lincoln County. Or at least it seems like a possibility after what recently showed up in a Wilbur wheat field.

Yeah, that's right. We're talking about crop circles.

KHQ TV reports:

The crop circles are located along Highway 174 north of Wilbur, and were first noticed last Tuesday. Nearby farmers say crop circles have appeared in Lincoln County wheat fields about once every couple years. This particular wheat field is farmed by Greg and Cindy Geib, who say this just must be their year.

The Geibs tell KHQ TV that while no one's certain what caused the crop circles, they like to joke that it was the work of aliens.

Once again proving aliens don't choose where to visit based on creative sense of humor.

Here's the full report from KHQ:

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