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John Keatley
Steve Sarich
Last Friday we posted to The Daily Weekly about a legal challenge mounted against I-502 and the preliminary fiscal note the


Comment(s) of the Day: Differing Opinions on I-502 and Steve Sarich

steve sarich alloway mug.jpg
John Keatley
Steve Sarich
Last Friday we posted to The Daily Weekly about a legal challenge mounted against I-502 and the preliminary fiscal note the state's Office of Financial Management has attached to it. Led by activist Steve Sarich, the group No on I-502 has filed a lawsuit claiming the OFM has failed to live up to its obligation to provide voters with accurate information about the financial implications for our state should I-502 be passed in November.

As the post notes:

Sarich, citing a preliminary fiscal note issued by the state's Office of Financial Management (OFM), says the state's math is way off base, and that many of the costs associated with approving I-502 have not been taken into consideration. While roughly calculating the money I-502 could generate, so far the OFM maintains that the financial impacts of passing the initiative are unknown, with too many variables to offer anything firmer than the "Non-zero but indeterminate," estimates that litter the preliminary fiscal note that's been produced.

By law, the OFM has until Aug. 10 to issue its official opinion on what the economic impacts of approving I-502 would be for Washington, though with uncertainty about how the federal government might react, coupled with the unprecedented territory of marijuana legalization, representatives with the OFM say the estimates may not get much clearer than what we already have.

The post riled a number of Daily Weekly commenters, including Sarich himself.

MasteroftheObvious writes:

Steve Sarich sued over SB5073 as well, and the judge slapped him down hard, saying,

"Mr. Sarich has repeatedly demonstrated that he is unable to comply with the simplest and most explicit of legal rules. He is strongly advised to seek legal representation..."

And the courts will slap him again. And, why he is not already in jail? Regardless, his ego is no doubt satiated because his name and face are in the news, so he must be a really cool dude...not.

If I was the FEDS, I would let I-502 stand with no intervention, then wait for the state to license idiots like Sarich as state growers, then swoop in and take their millions after a few years, just like they are doing with medical marijuana.

He, and others that share his little pea pod, are ignorant and arrogant to believe that the only people who deserve pot are those protected by a narrowly defined medical marijuana defenses, as is the case in Washington's RCW69.51a.

Sinsemilla writes:

This is disgusting, I cannot believe these prohibitionists have the audacity to refer to themselves as marijuana activists. As an actual activist I am offended.

Allisonbites writes,

The 502 smear tactics appear to be working well. Anyone who questions what Allison Holcomb and John McKay have engineered to cartel-ize the drug trade and allow the cops to lock up anyone they want for DUI is a "prohibitionist". I don't support I-502 because I want to be able to keep my drivers license, and I don't believe the State run cartel that I-502 proposes will work. What the name callers whose support of I-502 is as predictable as a knee jerk fail to recognize is that I-502 dies not legalize pot, it merely creates an exemption for state sanctioned dope. Legalization is not what I-502 is about, it is about control. Anyone who tries to taint everyone who doesn't agree with them as a "prohibitionist" probably doesn't understand politics very well anyway. I think that being locked up for DUI based upon an arbitrary blood standard that has nothing to do with impairment has certain "prohibitive" aspects too. Weed should be legal and it should be safe to drive unless you are actually impaired. I-502 achieves neither of these goals.

And, finally, Steve Sarich writes:

The OFM and the NAW admit that the Feds will absolutely be suing the State of Washington. How can the State AG claim that there won't be any fiscal impact? The OFM has confirmed that the fiscal note they produced is inadequate and the OFM has failed in their legal duty to provide adequate information for the voters.

The I-502 supporters can attempt to smear us all they like, which is seems to be their favorite tactic when they can't debate the issues, but that doesn't change the fact that the OFM has not done their job. We hope to see a proper fiscal note from them by the August 10th deadline, but from their comments in this article, it doesn't look they plan on doing that.

Steve Sarich


NO ON I-502

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