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Purchasing meth has its risks. According to Pierce County prosecutors, a Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier discovered some of the more painful and dramatic risks recently


Charges Filed in Alleged Meth-Fueled Kidnapping of Drug-Buying JBLM Soldier

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Purchasing meth has its risks. According to Pierce County prosecutors, a Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier discovered some of the more painful and dramatic risks recently when he was kidnapped, tied up with an electrical cord, shot with a BB gun more than 100 times, punched, and tased after a man at the trailer where the soldier had been buying drugs for several months accused him of being a snitch.

Charging documents filed in Pierce County Court yesterday contend that the victim had been buying drugs from 33-year-old Melissa Parr since April. Last week, when the victim visited Parr's trailer in the 14600 block of Union Avenue SW in Lakewood, he went home with drugs, but was later asked by Parr to come back. That's when authorities say he had the unfortunate luck of meeting Jacques Gerber and Frederick Clifford, and things took a decided turn for the worse.

According to charging documents:

The victim gave an interview to Detective Jordan that he had originally gone to PARR's trailer on July 24, 2012, to purchase methamphetamine. The victim said he had been purchasing from her since April. The victim said he went home and was then contacted again by PARR who asked him to return to the trailer. The victim returned and hung out with PARR and another male and female until 1:00 AM. At this time another male showed up and told PARR that the victim was a snitch. PARR and the first male then confronted the victim about being a snitch and pushed him up against the wall to check to see if he was "wired." The two used a taser on him and shot him several times with a pellet gun and tied him up with an electrical cord. The victim said he did not fight back because he figured it would only make it worse. This went on for several hours. In the morning, PARR told the victim he owed her $400 for being a snitch. PARR told CLIFFORD to take the victim out to get the money. CLIFFORD told some people he was a hostage and this went on for several hours. When the victim convinced CLIFFORD to take him on base, this was when he told the clerk he was being held against his will.

The male who showed up at 1 a.m., according to charging documents, was Jacques Gerber, who authorities say initially accused the victim of being a snitch. Prosecutors says Parr and Crawford went along with it, and in the morning Parr decided she was owed $400 because of the victim's alleged (and bogus) affiliation with law enforcement.

After Crawford drove the victim to several locations, identifying him as a hostage along the way, charging documents indicate the kidnapped solider convinced Crawford to drop him off near a gate at JBLM so he could get a credit card that would allow him to access the money. Instead, of course, he told a clerk to call Lakewood police.

More details provided in charging documents:

Additional investigation has identified BRENDA DUMONT GERBER as being present and staying in one of the rooms with her husband and three children. During the search warrant, 18 grams of methamphetamine were found in this room along with her driver's license nearby according to Detective Jordan. She does not appear to have participated in the kidnapping/imprisonment of the victim. KRISTA JAMES admitted to being present in the trailer and observing the victim arrive to purchase drugs from PARR. JAMES noted the victim was later confronted by a PARR for being a snitch and the victim was shot with a pellet gun "100 times" and tased. JAMES said PARR and the male made the victim provide his bank card and JAMES checked the website to see if he had any monies. He apparently did not. CLIFFORD (Freddie) left with the victim to try and get the $400 being demanded because he had been a snitch. JAMES said she only went along with the event because she was afraid of PARR and the other male present.

The victim has identified JAQUES EUGENE DUMONT GERBER as the other male who was involved with shooting him with the pellet gun, tasing him and preventing him from leaving. PARR, when transported, was found with a prescription type bottle which contained controlled substances, Hydrocodone/Vicodin. She admitted that she dealt drugs and said GERBER was her supplier who dealt drugs as well. In the most northern part of the trailer, paperwork to PARR was found along with drug paraphernalia, a scale, and four small baggies of white powder which field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Yesterday Pierce County prosecutors charged Clifford, Melissa Parr, Krista James, Brenda Gerber, and Jacques Gerber with first-degree kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment as a result of the alleged meth-fueled kidnapping. Melissa Parr and Jacques Gerber both also face several charges related to dealing drugs and possessing meth.

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