Phoenix Jones Breaks Kid's Finger, Rex Velvet Offers Helping Hand

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An 11-year-old boy ended up in a cast with a broken finger after he attempted to punch Phoenix Jones during the self-proclaimed superhero's visit to the Jewish Day School in Bellevue on Wednesday. Now Rex Velvet is showing off his diabolical PR skills by extending a helping hand to the injured tyke.

A private academy with preschool through eighth grade classes, the Jewish Day School routinely invites guest speakers to campus throughout the year, according to spokesperson Karen Coval. She says previous visitors have included authors, artists, community and business leaders, politicians, and representatives from various non-profits, and it was a parent's idea to summon Jones.

"The theme of the year for our 5th Grade is being a 'change maker' - how can they do things differently in this world," Coval writes in an e-mail to Seattle Weekly. "One of our students had a project exploring how could he, as a single person, change the world. His parent thought Phoenix would be able to offer an interesting perspective for the class."

Naturally, Jones arrived in full superhero regalia for his speaking engagement. His getup includes body armor, which reportedly became a point of fascination for the middle school-aged boys. Showing off, Jones challenged little Noah Weinstein to hit him with his best shot.

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Noah Weinstein gives a thumbs-up to Phoenix Jones-inflicted pain.
"They were talking all about superheroes. (Phoenix) got up in front of the kids and was telling them all about his uniform and it's rubberized and armored and bulletproof," Denise Weinstein told KOMO NewsRadio. "My child gets up in front of him and (Phoenix) says to him, 'OK, give me all you got...give me your best punch, but wait, but don't do it too hard, you might get hurt.' "

The last-minute warning went unheeded, however, and Noah ended up with a fractured middle finger, and an angry mother. "The thing I want to get across is I don't think any grown man superhero should ask a kid to punch him," Weinstein told KOMO.

Making matters even worse, the kid was supposed to play the guitar last night at his sister's graduation festivities. With his hand encased in a cast, the performance was cancelled.

Judging by the thumbs-up and goofy grin the injured youngster flashed after getting outfitted with his cast, he is not holding a grudge against Jones. Supervillain Rex Velvet, on the other hand, always has a bone to pick with his arch-nemesis.

Velvet, the subject of our cover story this week, took to Twitter and Facebook yesterday, retweeting jokes -- "Q. Why did @ThePhoenixJones break a kids finger? A. Because he left his pepper spray in the car." -- and telling Weinstein "it would be an honor if I may be the first person to sign your cast."

Velvet also claims to be skilled at the six-string, and even offered a free guitar lesson for Weinstein after his hand heals up.

As for Jones and the Jewish Day School, Coval says the students "love learning from people with a wide range of life experiences and this was no exception," but the costumed crusader might not be invited back anytime soon.

"The school is always interested in bringing engaging speakers to campus," Coval writes. "Though, in the future, we would encourage students to simply ask questions, engage in a thoughtful discussion, and not test out one's armored bodysuit."

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