Mike Leach and his bear.
Yesterday Seattle Weekly 's Rick Anderson posted to the Daily Weekly about Washington State University's Mike Leach , the school's


Comments of the Day: Mike Leach Shoots a Black Bear, and the Crowd Goes Wild

Mike Leach and his bear.
Yesterday Seattle Weekly's Rick Anderson posted to the Daily Weekly about Washington State University's Mike Leach, the school's new head football coach who recently caught a little flak for a hunting trip he took. Leach bagged a 350-pound black bear while hunting in Canada, as part of a television program that appears on the Outdoor Channel.

As Anderson's post noted:

The Cougs' head coach killed the bear in the wilds of Alberta, Canada, as part of an upcoming segment for the "Outdoor Gridiron" series featuring football players and coaches hunting and fishing on the Outdoor Channel, hosted by ex-Cal Bear quarterback Mike Pawlawski.

And ...

A number of Leach detractors wondered why he even shot the bear, and what he did with the meat and skin. Were there any redeeming values to the hunt other than future revenues for the TV show?

While the post attempted to address some of these questions, most Daily Weekly commenters seemed only interested in defending Leach and berating Anderson.

Commenter David Boze writes:

I'm guessing all the critics didn't quite have the guts to go out and kill the cow they got their burger from--or if they were vegetarians, to confront the animals killed by the removal of their habitat for the crop (or were chopped up in the harvesting). I hunt bears and many, many years, I've been unsuccessful even with the advantage of gun over claw. Bears also possess home-field advantage, incredible speed, sense of smell and hearing, and natural camo. Hunters learn to appreciate their food and respect the taking of life it ALWAYS entails--folks immersed in city life rarely pause to consider where food comes from.

Commenter Daisy writes:

Leach, welcome to PC, limp-wristed Washington. You're not in Texas anymore.

And commenter Kilsimiv writes:

Wow, Rick Anderson. Bravo on the yellow journalism award. Hunting is a real thing. It's legal, it keeps overpopulation at bay, and license fees provide money for environmental programs. Just because a high profile guy tweeted about it does not make it fair game to attack on zero grounds of ... anything? What exactly were you trying to accomplish with this article? This is a Sports section article, not Op/Ed. If you have an opinion about Coach Leach, go ahead and blog about it. But don't call this newsworthy. This is so blatantly fraught with your added opinion, it makes me sick that I majored in Journalism. Worse yet, you're the one producing this ... scat.

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