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Almost no one likes paying an arm and a leg to go see a movie only to have a bunch of loudmouths ruin the experience.


Yong Hyun Kim So Angry With Loud Kids at the Movies He Knocked One of Their Teeth Out

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Almost no one likes paying an arm and a leg to go see a movie only to have a bunch of loudmouths ruin the experience. And you can count Yong Hyun Kim as part of this group. However, King County prosecutors say Kim let his outrage get the best of him recently during an evening trip to the AMC Theater in Kent.

Kim, 21, was charged last week with second-degree assault of a child, stemming from his alleged altercation with a 10-year-old boy on April 11 at the AMC Theater on Ramsay Way. Prosecutors allege Kim became so enraged a group of children sitting near him and his girlfriend that he lashed out and struck one of them - a 10-year-old boy - a blow that knocked out a tooth in the boy's mouth and caused his nose to bleed.

Charging documents in the case indicate police were called to the scene around 10:30 p.m. because of a reported assault, with police advised that the suspect was still inside the theater. When they arrived they contacted the 10-year-old victim and his mother in the lobby. The young victim described his attacker as an Asian male with long hair wearing a hat and 3-D glasses. He told police that the man had stepped over a row of seats, informed the group of friends that he paid a lot of money to see the movie, and then struck the victim in the face with a closed fist - causing the aforementioned injuries.

According to charging documents, responding officers then interviewed the injured boy's group of friends. The friends added that Kim had asked them to be quiet, instructions they reported obeying, but when the boy who Kim allegedly assaulted whispered something to another friend it set Kim off - with the friends saying Kim jumped over a row of chairs, threw a Slurpee at the group and then punched the 10-year-old boy in the face.

At this point it was time for police to get Kim's side of the story, which they were able to do since he was still seated in the theater. After responding officers escorted Kim out to the lobby and asked if he'd been involved in an altercation, according to charging documents Kim told police he had experienced an issue with a group of people sitting near him who were being loud and throwing popcorn at he and his girlfriend. Kim said he'd asked the group to quiet down, but that they'd only laughed at him and continued being noisy - at which point he struck one of them with what he described as an open hand.

Meanwhile, speaking to another officer, the group of children visually identified Kim as the man who'd assaulted the 10-year-old boy.

After briefly interviewing Kim, police placed him under arrest and escorted him outside and into the back of a patrol vehicle. According to charging documents, it was at this point that police told Kim that the person he smacked in the face was 10-years-old, and that the blow had knocked a tooth out. Apparently unaware of the boy's age up until this point, charging documents indicate Kim hung his head in shame at the news.

Once at the King County Jail Kim was interviewed again, at which point he expanded on his story - saying the group of children was sitting directly behind him at the theater, and in addition to being loud the kids were running back and forth in the aisle, causing them to repeatedly hit him and his girlfriend with their arms.

According to portions of Kim's interview cited in charging documents, when the group refused to be quiet even after he asked them to, and then began laughing at him, Kim became so angry that was unable to control himself, lashing out and delivering the fateful blow.

Kim reportedly told police, "I got so mad that it just happened."

Find charging documents filed against Yong Hyun Kim on the following page.

Charging documents filed against Yong Hyun Kim:

Yong Hyun Kim Charging Docs

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