Auctioning stuff off is all the rage. Everybody's doing it. It seems like just yesterday we were discussing the state's auctioning of its liquor stores


What to Do with Those Parcels of Land the WSDOT is Auctioning Off ...

Auctioning stuff off is all the rage. Everybody's doing it. It seems like just yesterday we were discussing the state's auctioning of its liquor stores (it was actually almost two weeks ago), and today news spreads - mainly via the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce - of the Washington Department of Transportation plan to auction off 21 "surplus" properties.

Twelve of the properties are to be sold at the end of the month as part of a sealed-bid auction, while nine others are already up for auction and available to any high-roller willing to ante up a minimum bid.

The Transportation Department has also identified a substantial list of other properties that may be auctioned off over the next four years.

Because, again, auctioning stuff off is all the rage.

In King County, the available parcels include:

- An 11,500 square-foot rectangular-shaped plot at the northeast corner of 31st Ave. S. and S. Day St., in the City of Seattle - minimum bid of $425,000.00.

- A13.98-acre "slightly irregular shaped parcel" in the easterly city limits of North Bend - minimum bid of $2,475,000.00.

-- A 4,055 square-foot "irregular-shaped parcel" just outside Kent city limits - minimum bid of $70,000.00.

Parcels are also available in Pierce, Clallam, Yakima, Spokane, Kitsap, Chelan, and Lewis counties.

As the Daily Journal of Commerce notes, in Seattle, the available land includes a parcel on top of the Interstate 90 tunnel.

Now that we know all these sweet-ass pieces of land are up for the taking, the real question becomes what to make of them?

Here are a few ideas ...

Somewhere to Take 3-Year-Olds Left on the Bus in Poulsbo

school bus.jpg

The kids have got to go somewhere, right?

The ideas continue on the next page ...

Roller Skating Rinks


It's an undeniable fact that the world could use more roller skating rinks. Perhaps it's attributable to the roller derby resurgence/craze, or maybe it's just the childhood nostalgia we all hold for the hokey-pokey, but the world - and our home state - could use more locations to rent a heavily-Lysoled pair of wheels and let it all hang out.

A Set for Amazon Studios to Film a Comedy and Children's Series


Yesterday Bezos and Co. announced that Amazon Studios division is soliciting feedback on the type of programming it should be developing for its Amazon Instant Video digital streaming service. Specifically, Amazon is said to be interested in producing comedy and children's series. You've got to admit that a series set on top of the Interstate 90 tunnel in which a locally owned bookstore is crushed by a massive online retailer and then left to fend for itself on land formally owned by the Department of Transportation has laughs written all over it.

The ideas continue on the next page ...

Somewhere to Stick Chone Figgins


What's further away than left field? Oh, I don't know ... maybe some godforsaken parcel of land adjacent to the K-Mart in Yakima.

Spots for Our New Reverb Monthly Boxes


They're out there, looking amazing. See them for yourself at locations around Capitol Hill and Ballard, and then envision how fucking awesome they'd look at former Department of Transportation-owned chunks of land across the state.

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