Brittney Henry, Miss Washington 2011
As everyone surely remembers, back in February Brittney Henry -- AKA Miss Washington 2011 - had her leased GMC SUV


Charges Filed: What Happens When You Allegedly Steal Miss Washington's Bank Cards and Buy a Swiffer

Brittney Henry, Miss Washington 2011
As everyone surely remembers, back in February Brittney Henry -- AKA Miss Washington 2011 - had her leased GMC SUV (which was unlocked and had the keys in the center console) stolen out of her driveway in Edgewood, Wash., with the thief making off with Henry's pageant gowns, Miss Washington crown, sash, and several debit and credit cards.

As far as the theft of pageant sashes and credit cards go, it was a truly tragic event.

Today the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office continued the process of making things right, officially filing charges against 32-year-old Jayson Broderson-Matthai, for "numerous crimes," according to a press release, including seven counts of identity theft in connection with the use of Miss Washington's stolen bank cards.

Charging documents indicate Broderson-Matthai has also been charged with two count of second-degree possession of stolen property, and one count of third-degree possession of stolen property.

On February 28, around 5 a.m., Edgewood police were called to Henry's home. She told authorities her vehicle had been taken sometime between 11 p.m. the previous night and 4 a.m. that morning. As officers were en-route to Henry's home they received word that the SUV had been located by Onstar behind a motel on Spencer Road and Meridian Avenue East in Puyallup.

From charging documents filed today in Pierce County court:

Ms. Henry stated that several items were inside the vehicle including four pageant-type gowns, a box containing a Miss Washington crown and two Miss Washington sashes, an iPad, a Bank of America checkbook, two Bank of America debit cards, one Bank of America VISA credit card, and miscellaneous shoes and other items.

According to charging documents, it wasn't long before the suspicious charges started piling up on Henry's swiped debit card. Notifying police around noon Feb. 28, Henry reported these charges included a $74 purchase at a Lowe's in Federal Way around 6 a.m., a $45.83 purchase at a Federal Way Walmart around 6:45 a.m., and a $10 car wash at Squeaky Clean Car Wash in Federal Way around 7:30 a.m. The thief also allegedly attempted to use Henry's card at a Redbox DVD kiosk and a Bank of America ATM - though no money was withdrawn due to an invalid PIN number being entered.

The next day, after Pierce County Sheriff's Det. Simmelink was assigned to the case, Bank of America was contacted and confirmed a total of eight transactions or attempted transactions with Henry's debit card on Feb. 28.

A few of those transactions proved useful to investigators, as they provided surveillance video of the suspected thieves. For instance, an attempted withdrawal at a Bank of America Twin Lakes branch provided surveillance photos depicting a man wearing a black and red Tacoma Fire jacket with the hood up.

Henry also told investigators that charges or attempted charges were made on one other stolen ATM card and one other stolen credit card.

Using surveillance footage, the Pierce County Sheriff's Office generated a Crime Stoppers bulletin which led to several tips, including the identification of Jayson Broderson-Matthai and his cousin as suspects. According to charging documents, additional information collected through the Crime Stoppers bulletin identified Broderson-Matthai's girlfriend, and suggested she was in possession of Miss Washington's crowns and dresses.

Broderson-Matthai was arrested March 16 driving a stolen 2008 Ford Escape - a vehicle that looked similar to the vehicle the suspects left Lowe's in after completing a fraudulent transaction on Henry's stolen credit card, according to Det. Simmelink.

Though Broderson had been apprehended, the investigation continued.

From charging documents:

In continuing her investigation, Det. Simmelink later went to a Federal Way residence associated with BRODERSON. Paula Pries was at the house. Pries stated that "Jayson" was not at the house. When asked if she knew why police might be looking for "Jayson," Pries stated it was because of Crime Stoppers. Pries stated that Jayson was wanted on Crime Stoppers for the Miss Washington incident.

And ...

Pries stated that she met BRODERSON through a friend and BRODERSON stated that he found a couple bags with Miss Washington items, a fire suit, and a fire hat by a dumpster. Pries stated that BRODERSON was laughing about finding the fire coat and hat. BRODERSON put it on and went into the Shell Gas Station.

And ...

Pries also stated that BRODERSON used a Swiffer Sweeper that he purchased with Miss Washington's credit card. Det. Simmelink noted that a Swiffer Sweeper was purchased with the stolen credit card at Lowe's. Det. Simmelink showed Pries the Crime Stoppers Bulletin. Pries identified the taller subject as Jayson and the shorter subject as his cousin.

And also ...

Another person in the residence was interviewed by police. That person stated that one evening he was at Pries's house when BRODERSON arrived at around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. He was driving an SUV and it was backed up to the garage. BRODERSON had someone with him that he referred to as his cousin. BRODERSON was wearing a Tacoma Fire jacket and he was unloading stuff from the back of the SUV. The interviewee also remembered a Tacoma Fire hat but couldn't recall if BRODERSON was wearing it. Det. Simmelink showed the Crime Stoppers Bulletin to the interviewee who identified the two subjects as the same two he saw at Pries's house.

On April 24 police located Broderson-Matthai's cousin in Renton, who according to charging documents replied "the Miss Washington thing" when asked if he knew why police wanted to talk to him. Broderson-Matthai's cousin told police that he was with Jayson the day he'd purchased the Swiffer from "Lowes or Home Depot," according to charging documents, and that once it "hit the news" and the Crime Stoppers alert was released he realized Jayson Broderson-Matthai was involved in the Miss Washington burglary. The cousin denied involvement in the theft of Miss Washington's car, and told police he had no clue where any of the stolen items might be.

He also apparently told police he felt bad for Henry "after hearing about all the things she does to help children."

According to charging documents, more charges could be forthcoming in the case.

"Identity Theft remains the nation's fastest growing crime," said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist today via press release. "We are one of the few Prosecutor's Offices in Washington with an Identity Theft Unit and we are committed to holding identity thieves accountable."

Find charging documents filed against Jayson Broderson-Matthai on the next page.

Charging documents filed against Jayson Broderson-Matthai today in Pierce County court:

Miss Washington Identity Theft Chargin Docs

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