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As two additional May Day arrestees appeared in court yesterday, and Seattle Weekly learned more about a third, it became increasingly evident that there is


May Day Arrestees Include Talented Painter, Lawyers' Son and Homeless Schizophrenic

Ditrani art cropped.jpg
As two additional May Day arrestees appeared in court yesterday, and Seattle Weekly learned more about a third, it became increasingly evident that there is no one type of person who was involved in the mayhem.

Robert Ditrani, who was identified as an "art student" at Capitol Hill's Gage Academy when he appeared in court on Wednesday, really is a talented painter. Take a look at the two works his lawyer, David Hancock, forwarded to SW: one (above), a richly detailed portrait of an older man, the other a stark picture of a moose skull (below).

ditrani art2.jpg
Perhaps the moose skull hints at environmental concerns on Ditrani's part. But that's guesswork. Hancock wouldn't talk on the record about his client except to say that the 23-year-old was dedicated to his art.

It's also guesswork, at this point, exactly what Ditrani did on May Day. He is being investigated for a felony assault, but that only allegedly entailed spitting at an officer. (Spit at your average Joe, that's a misdemeanor. Spit at an officer, firefighter or nurse, you've got a felony on your hands.)

Police say he did have a pole with bolts screwed onto it when they arrested him. And a previous charge related to smashing some windows at a construction site on New Year's Eve suggests Ditrani has a wild side. But if he exercised it this week in any way besides spitting, police have not yet said.

In fact, most of the people arrested so far are being investigated for assaults on officers, not for any of the property crimes that left a trail of shattered glass on Tuesday. Court proceedings yesterday added a law firm's administrative assistant to the cast of characters, which also includes a barista and an ER technician.

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Twenty- three-year-old Paul Campiche, who works at his father's law firm, is accused of throwing a bottle at one police officer and kicking another. He is under investigation for rioting as well as assault, and a police report suggests that he may have been part of the infamous "black bloc."

Campiche was "part of a large crowd of rowdy and unruly protesters who had already committed large scale property damage," the report says. The document also talks about him "trying to shed his clothing" in order to blend into the crowd, just as black dressed vandals did. But the report doesn't present any vandalism Campiche himself may have done.

Dad Jeffrey Campiche, wearing a suit and looking flustered, ended up representing his son at the last minute because the attorney hired to represent Campiche couldn't make it. Both he and Campiche's mom, also a lawyer, told Judge Eileen Kato that their son had recently had spinal surgery and needed to be home.

"You have a lot of support that many people don't have," the judge told Campiche. She nevertheless found probable cause to detain him, and set bail for $75,000.

In contrast, there was no one there for Cody Ingram when he appeared in federal court yesterday other than his public defender. According to both the prosecution and the defense, the 23-year-old Ingram is homeless and schizophrenic. A complaint filed by prosecutors says he came here from Vermont with his "service dog" specifically to participate in Seattle's May Day demonstrations.

Ingram is the one person that has come to court so far for allegedly wrecking destruction on a building--specifically the federal appeals courthouse on 6th Avenue, whose shattered windows created some of the most striking images to come out of the protests. According to the complaint, he picked up a stick and battered a glass doorpane of the courthouse. But that was after several "black bloc" vandals had already done damage.

And who were they? Authorities are still investigating. So we still don't know all that much about many of the riot's main actors and their motivations.

Ingram, meanwhile, is being held without bail.

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