No one wants to get stabbed. That's a given. But getting stabbed by your own knife, by your own wife, who just so happens to


Janice Burrell Allegedly Stabs Husband After Drinking Three Steel Reserves, Tells Police: 'Karma is a Bitch and He Got What He Deserved'

No one wants to get stabbed. That's a given. But getting stabbed by your own knife, by your own wife, who just so happens to have had three 211 Steel Reserve malt-liquor beverages that day, adds insult to injury. Or, in the case of Arthur Smith, it adds insult to death.

The King County Prosecutor's Office officially charged 45-year-old Janice Marie Burrell on Tuesday with second-degree murder, stemming from the May 25 stabbing of 41-year-old Arthur Smith, who authorities say met his demise in the back of a green 1996 Honda Accord. Burrell's bail has been set at $1 million.

Charging documents filed in the case provide details of the alleged murder as set forth by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg's office. According to these court documents (posted below), Kent police were dispatched to a reported stabbing at 222 N. State Avenue in Kent at approximately 6:49 p.m. on the evening of May 25. Upon arriving at the scene Kent police officer A. Majack, who was first to respond, encountered Burrell standing on the east side of the parking lot. According to charging documents, Officer Majack "quickly recognized" Burrell because of "numerous prior contacts with her and her husband," who was later identified as Smith. In addition to donning a white coat, green pants, white tennis shoes, a white t-shirt and a Coach purse, charging documents indicate Burrell was adorned with "a confused look on her face," and was crying.

Two witnesses were also encountered at the scene - Smith's' nephew, Jerohal Davis, and Smith's son, Tyrell Barbush. Charging documents indicate Jerohal Davis was looking at the rear end of the green Honda, while Barbush was found "extremely upset, pacing back and forth in front of Davis."

Most importantly, Arthur Smith was found "sitting in the middle of the back seat of the vehicle with his head back against the seat."

Charging documents state:

Officer Majack contacted Burrell at the scene and asked, "Janice, what did you do?" She turned to Officer Majack and stated, "You know me, Ofc. Spooner (maiden name), you know me ..." Burrell stammered, took a deep breath, and continued, "I killed him, I killed him. You know what he does to me ..." Officer Majack asked Burrell if she was injured, she replied, "no, I aint. I am so tired of him beating on me..."

Prosecutors say that due to the large amount of blood found on Burrell's clothing police detained her. While being patted down, Burrell allegedly told Officer Majack, "I don't have the knife anymore..." before being placed in the back of a patrol car.

Back inside the green Honda, Officer Majack found Smith with his head tilted back and his mouth open wide, in addition to a large pool of coagulated blood to the right of him on the seat. The front of his shirt was covered in blood, and according to charging documents there was a small cut in it near the center of Smith's chest. There was also a one-inch laceration near the top of Smith's right hand.

At this point responding police and firefighters pulled Smith from the car and attempted to apply first aid - at which point they noticed what charging documents describe as a one-inch stab wound in the center of his chest. Officer Majack reportedly asked Davis what had transpired, to which he replied, "They were arguing and she stated 'I'm going to fucking kill him in front of you. Just help him man!'..."

Arthur Smith later died at the scene from his injuries.

Investigators working the case later interviewed Davis, providing for the following passage included in charging documents:

Davis told Detectives that he and Barbush met Smith and Burrell at a 7-Eleven, located at 511 Central Ave South in Kent.

Davis said Smith and Burrell got into the backseat of his wife's vehicle WA/AEJ6921, 1996 Honda Accord, while Barbush rode in the front passenger seat. He stated he didn't really know where he was going: he was just driving where directed. Davis said Smith and Burrell argued in the backseat about everything and nothing in particular. He added this was typical behavior for the two of them and didn't think twice about anything said between the two, though Davis did recall Burrell telling Smith, "I'll kill you. I'll kill you right in front of your kid."

As Davis was driving near Earthworks Park in Kent, charging documents indicate he heard what's described as a slapping noise coming from the backseat. He also reportedly heard Burrell say, "yeah, I'll jug you again." At this point Davis told authorities he looked into the rearview mirror and saw Smith, who "looked very stiff with his head far back against the seat rest." Charging documents indicate that Davis asked Burrell whether she'd stabbed Smith, to which she allegedly replied, "Yeah, I'll stab him again."

Davis also told authorities that after stabbing Smith, Burrell continued "talking shit" to him, as well as proclaiming, "I told you I'd kill you."

Understandably alarmed, Davis pulled into the Kent Multi Clinic and Barbush ran inside to fetch help. According to charging documents, Davis and Burrell also exited the vehicle, at which point Davis allegedly saw a "black folding knife in her hand." Davis told authorities he took the knife from Burrell and dropped it on the ground. Later, fearing for his own wellbeing, Davis says he grabbed the knife off the ground and put it on the car.

According to charging documents:

Davis said it seemed like Burrell was proud of what she did. He said she remained calm during the entire incident and puffed her chest out proudly.

Barbush was later interviewed by police, telling authorities that just prior to the stabbing he saw Burrell "pushing and slapping" Smith's face.

More from charging documents:

Barbush said he didn't even recognize the arguing had stopped when he heard Davis ask Burrell, "Did you just stab my nigga?" Barbush said Burrell replied, "Yeah, I sure did." Barbush didn't see Burrell stab Smith or see a knife, until after exiting the vehicle.

Finally, at a little after 10:15 p.m. on the night of the murder, investigators interviewed Burrell. According to charging documents, she was crying and had puffy eyes, and told police she had consumed three 211Steel Reserve beers that day - the last of which was downed just prior to the stabbing.

Even more from charging documents:

Burrell immediately stated several times over and over that "he's always beatin on me;" "he's always spittin on me." Burrell said the argument began "last night" and said she told Smith, "I'm gonna do something real bad to you." Burrell told detectives. "I just got tired of it, I just snapped." She further stated, "I don't care no more; the nigga live or die." Burrell stated at one point Smith spit on her just prior to stabbing him but later stated the last time he did that was on 5/24/12.

Burrell said Smith told her just before she stabbed him, "Bitch, I'll kill you." She further stated just prior to stabbing smith he said to her, "Bitch, I do this to you, I do what I want to you." She state the knife she used to stab Smith belonged to him. Burrell said the knife had been in their bedroom and Smith gave it to her in case they need [sic] protection. Burrell said she had it in back pants pocket prior to stabbing Smith with it.

Burrell later stated during the conversation that "Karma is a bitch and he got what he deserves." She added, "I just pulled it out and I stabbed him. I just reacted on him."

Find charging documents filed in the case on the following page ...

Charging documents filed against Janice Burrell Tuesday in King County Court:

Janice Burrell Charging Docs

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