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On Friday Seattle Weekly 's Keegan Hamilton posted to Daily Weekly about the ongoing feud between real-life superhero Phoenix Jones and real-life supervillain


Comment(s) of the Day: Phoenix Jones vs. Rex Velvet Hotly Debated

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Rex Velvet
On Friday Seattle Weekly's Keegan Hamilton posted to Daily Weekly about the ongoing feud between real-life superhero Phoenix Jones and real-life supervillain Rex Velvet. Not surprisingly, the post instantly blew up traffic to our site, because, well, you know ... that's what happens whenever you post something about Phoenix Jones and/or Rex Velvet these days.

As Hamilton detailed, Velvet and Jones went tit-for-tat on local radio station KISS 106.1 FM last week, with Jones referring to Velvet as "The Kim Kardashian of Villains," and Velvet accusing Jones of suffering from body odor. It was highly entertaining stuff ... if you're into that sort of thing.

Anyway, and predictably, the post inspired a boatload of action from commenters. Here are some of the highlights.

Impermanent writes:

I follow this stuff but did not notice the "hobo snitch" quote before. I can say that Phoenix and associates walk the streets of Seattle to stop crime, and Rex Velvet makes videos brandishing a bottle opener and a sword in silhouette. I'd like to see them debate for ten, but only if Rex agrees to fight (under strict rules) for three.

BurningGirl writes:

I think real Super Heroes CAN exist - and they do not need to hide behind tights and a mask. Who remembers Queer Patrol? Are they still out there? Neighborhood watch and Night Out organizers are another example. I think the idea behind what Phoenix Jones is doing is great - it's the costumes and alternate identities that are ridiculous. Now that everyone knows who he really is, it is not providing him any anonymity or legal protection. I wish he would just drop the theatrics and promote their group as concerned, involved, trained citizens who are willing to step up and actively participate in the protection and defense of their peers. THAT would be real Super Hero stuff.

Than writes:

I don't understand where people get the idea that a villain has to physically fight a superhero if he (or she) is to be considered a villain. Most villains that I can think of leave the heavy lifting to some henchmen/minions and rely on their brains and cunning to stymie a superhero. Rex is high-class villain all the way.

Celebrate Divershitty writes:

Rex Velvet is just another wimpy white mustachioed Seattle hipster.

Dave writes:

I have to be honest by saying that quite honestly I'm just not impressed anymore with either Phoenix Jones or Rex Velvet. Because now it's turned into a playground "I'm rubber, you're glue" type of situation.

My problem with Phoenix Jones or to use Velvet's words "...and his misfit power rangers" is that they aren't exactly fighting crime. There are videos of essentially them chasing off two bit drug dealers off of streets or chasing down the drunk kid who's about do vandalism, but somehow these people never seem to end up in handcuffs and getting hauled off by the police. Nor do we hear of any of these 'Super heroes' actually saving someone's life. Far as I know, and if it did happen Phoenix Jones would've been the first to say so, he hasn't saved anyone from any extreme situations like running into a burning building.

Is that me being critical and splitting hairs? I probably am. But, at the same time I really don't see Phoenix Jones trying to champion any cause other than himself. How come Phoenix Jones isn't trying to rally a neighborhood watch program? Seems to me the outfit could promote something along the lines of 'No one has to live in fear.' Oh wait, that something the humble superhero designed by the Marvel and DC writers might do. But Purple Reign does have her Woman abuse cause and I think it's noble. But to be honest, I know very little about it, because they haven't exactly done a whole lot to get the word out.

Also at what point with the costumed people go too far? There's a been a couple of moments where we've heard of these people doing extreme things in situations that didn't need them. Obviously everyone in Seattle knows about Jones' pepper spray incident. The Bee Sting is another who pulled a shot gun and someone and the situation escalated into the the shot gun being discharged and striking a nearby mobile home. Inflated self ego is not a super power.

My problem with Rex Velvet comes down to a potential theory of mine. Granted I have been entertained by the videos he's posted and I think like everyone else my thoughts have been 'What's his angle?' But then I came across the fact that Phoenix Jones has an LA Publicist. After all you can't have a GI Joe without Cobra. Rex Velvet does have You Tube videos of himself before he took the Velvet mantle, and while not impressed with the content, I will say the guy has talent. So I think we're all being treated to a Andy Kaufman versus Jerry Lawler battle for Seattle.

But I will also concede that I could be wrong, and maybe I've read too many comic books and just pulling conspiracy theories.

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