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Making meth and harboring military-grade weapons goes hand-in-hand. Anyone who doubts this has obviously never made meth, or at the very least missed last


Raid in Eastlake Turns Up Grenade Launcher and Meth-Making Equipment (PHOTOS)

Confiscated GunsMug.jpg
Making meth and harboring military-grade weapons goes hand-in-hand. Anyone who doubts this has obviously never made meth, or at the very least missed last night's two-hour standoff in Eastlake.

Bringing an armored tank and a handful of snipers to the showdown, multiple local media outlets say Seattle police and federal authorities encountered eight people barricaded inside an Eastlake home Thursday night, with SWAT teams eventually using percussion grenades to lure them out.

The home, which neighbors told KIRO was a "scourge," is located in the 2700 block of Minor Avenue East. A neighbor identified by KIRO as Doreen O'Connor-Nash tells the TV station of the home, "We have known about the drug dealing and curbside service. Cars pull up and get their drugs."

Not any more. At least for now.

Q13 reports that the raid Thursday in Eastlake was part of the search for a federal fugitive, related to the takedown of a gun-trafficking ring on Tuesday night by federal authorities and the Seattle Police Department in which six people were arrested. Q13 says the 27-year-old with fugitive and his 33-year-old brother, who was also wanted, where included in the eight people arrested yesterday.

KIRO, citing the accounts of neighbors, is the only outlet to mention the drug-making equipment.

According to KIRO's account of yesterday's standoff:

Officers wearing surgical masks entered the home. Some told neighbors they found a major methamphetamine manufacturing operation in the basement, as well as dangerous illegal weapons.

"To hear that there are military-grade weapons is beyond the pale for all of us, I think," said O'Connor-Nash, a neighborhood board member. Police told her what was found in the home. "Automatic weapons and a grenade launcher were mentioned, so that's scary."

Two AR-15 rifles, one equipped with a military-style grenade launcher, were reportedly found inside the home, as well as a large smoke grenade.

The Seattle Times reports that the wanted brothers were booked into jail on numerous charges while the other six residents were released.

UPDATE: The Seattle Police Department's Detective Mark Jamieson just released a statement on yesterday's raid along with photos of some of the confiscated weapons - all of which can be found on the following page.

Statement from SPD Detective Mark Jamieson:

One day after a press conference detailing the efforts of Seattle Police and federal law enforcement, Seattle Police detectives followed up on information that a violent, possibly armed fugitive was in the Eastlake neighborhood.

Seattle Police moved in, after developing a plan to safely apprehend the wanted fugitive. In the early evening hours of April 19th, officers responded to a quiet neighborhood in the 2300 Block of Minor Avenue East and, with the assistance of SWAT, Arson Bomb Squad, Narcotics and patrol officers, safely located and arrested eight people from inside a residence.

One of the men, 27, was wanted on an outstanding federal fugitive warrant as well as local charges. His brother, 33, was also wanted on warrants. During a search of the residence, detectives located two AR-15?s, one equipped with a military style grenade launcher. Officers also recovered a large smoke grenade from the residence.

Of the eight suspects arrested, six were interviewed and released, and the two suspects with the warrants were later booked into the King County Jail on a number of charges. Residents in the area were relieved that these felons and the guns were taken out of the neighborhood.

Find photos of the confiscated weapons on next page ...

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Smoke grenade


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