"The fear of not being able to buy guns," Stephen Colbert said last month, "has led to buying so many guns that now they


Gun Nutty: State Pistol Permits Reportedly Hit Record Numbers, Thanks to Boogyman Barack

"The fear of not being able to buy guns," Stephen Colbert said last month, "has led to buying so many guns that now they can't buy any guns, just like they feared." He was referring to the run on guns that followed the Trayvon Martin shooting and NRA claims of a "massive Obama conspiracy" in which the president, if re-elected, would confiscate American's beloved firearms. But fear, rather than Colbert's artfully twisted logic, prevails.

Washington state is now averaging almost 2,700 new pistol permits a month and today has a record 359,000 concealed gun-permit holders, according to a new report.

In March alone, the state processed 12,000 concealed pistol license (CPL) applications and renewals, says TheGunMag.com senior editor Dave Workman of Bellevue, who recently wrote about the "stunning" new numbers in his column. Since December 19th, more than 10,680 new permits have been processed, said Workman, who took joy in noting the political advantages of such an increase:

The data comes from the Department of Licensing in Olympia, and it will likely cause more heartburn at Washington Ceasefire, where they continue to claim only 5,000 members statewide. When push comes to shove in Olympia, this translates to Ceasefire falling under a bus where new gun control legislation may be concerned.

Workman says that despite the recent "handful of tragic firearm-related incidents involving children, two of which were fatal, the rising number of CPLs out there strongly suggests that Washingtonians are perhaps mindful of gun safety lapses, but determined to arm themselves anyway."

However, "balancing" that bad news about kids and guns, he thinks, are "incidents involving armed homeowners who successfully defended themselves against burglars and home invaders."

Kiddie deaths balanced by homeowners killing thieves? Apparently that makes sense to those new permit owners who responded to the siren call of Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's executive vice president:

In public, the president will remind us he's put off calls from his own party to renew the old Clinton gun ban, he hasn't pushed for new gun control laws, but it's a big fat stinkin' lie! It's all part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intention to destroy the Second Amendment in our country.

This he says of the president who has pushed for one (1) gun law - approving the carrying of guns in national forests.

Clearly, it's a vast conspiracy, Colbert agreed, "and the total lack of evidence is all the evidence I need." If Obama "gets away with this, what other things he's shown no signs of doing will he do next?"

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