Comment of the Day: TSA Has Fascist Attitude Says Sort of Bourgeois Middle-Aged White Woman

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Last Thursday on Daily Weekly Keegan Hamilton interviewed John Brennan, the man now famous for stripping his clothes off at Portland International Airport in protest of the TSA.

As Hamilton's post noted:

John Brennan walked into Portland International Airport Tuesday evening with every intention of boarding his Alaska Airlines flight to San Jose. But when he got hassled at a TSA security checkpoint, something snapped -- or rather unsnapped. He stripped all the way down to his birthday suit because, as he puts it, "my civil liberties had already been violated."

Brennan told Seattle Weekly, ""I knew that I could use the power of being naked to bring visibility to that issue."

Brennan's naked activism inspired commenter IsaDesOsiers to weigh in on the matter:

TSA is not making me feel safer. I too feel that my civil rights are being threatened and as a world traveler, I now hesitate to travel because of the fascist attitude of TSA. When I go through the security check point I feel like I am in prison, with directives like "put your arms up, spread your legs, put your feet on the marks, get over there, take off your belt, your jacket". The chic of travel, the charm and elegance are now gone. I truly commend Mr. Brennan for what he did, it brings home the point. When in Europe last spring I was astonished at the "pat down". I was touched intimately by a stranger and had to submit like a sheep. I was so shocked. And why, I have no idea. I was just a well dressed sort of bourgeois middle aged white woman minding my own business.

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