Comment of the Day: People are Annoying, But Don't Knock Cuban's Commercials

Last week Seattle Weekly's Brian Miller broke news of Metro Cinemas' impending move to the Sundance Cinemas theater chain, a transfer that will officially be effective May 1. Miller explained the good and the bad of the coming transition, and delved into Landmark Theatres' decision to shed its biggest multiplex.

Commenter Beth Kostecki took the opportunity to explain why she visits movie theaters far less than she once did, and also took slight issue with Miller's depiction of those HD Net commercial Mark Cuban is so fond of playing at his Landmark locations.

Kostecki says:

I go to theaters far less frequently than I used to (at times I averaged twice a week) mainly because audience members, even in arthouse theaters, behave as though they're in their living room. It's become an unpleasant experience, especially when I can watch Blu-ray DVDs or HD movies on a big screen at home. And don't knock Mark Cuban for his HDNet commercials ... all theaters show commercials now, so why shouldn't he?

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