Monaroes Sar
Police in Tacoma say the last of three admitted Juggalos suspected of a gunpoint home-invasion robbery April 17 was apprehended on a train


All Three Juggalos Suspected in Tacoma Home-Invasion Robbery Now Apprehended

Monaroes Sar
Police in Tacoma say the last of three admitted Juggalos suspected of a gunpoint home-invasion robbery April 17 was apprehended on a train yesterday in Beaverton, Ore.

Monaroes Sar, as of last night scheduled to be transported back to Tacoma, faces charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and unlawful imprisonment (the same charges levied against his two alleged accomplices) stemming from a robbery in which authorities say the admitted Insane Clown Posse followers took upwards of $60,000 worth of jewelry from a 69-year-old female victim.

Police have already apprehended and charged Sar's accomplices, 26-year-old Bobby Ray McKinney, known to go by the name "Bob Dog," and 20-year-old Jesse Grimes, who's known to go by "Grimey." Charging documents indicate Sar's street name is "Nutty."

Charging documents filed in Pierce County Court detail the Insane Clown Posse connection:

Although Grimes claimed to not know Nutty's true name, he did say that he and Nutty were longtime members of the "Juggallo" street gang. Grimes stated his own street name is "Grimey" and has tattoos including symbols of the Juggallos (a "hatchet man" and joker image, and the letters JG on his forearms).

Charging documents contend that McKinney - who allegedly knew the victim and set up the crime - provided information to Grimes and Sar about the victim and the valuables available for pilfering inside her home, and the two then carried out the crime.

From those documents:

On the above date at about 2300 hours, TPD officers responded to 3629 S. Gunnison St., in Tacoma, regarding a 911 hang-up call. Officers had been to this same residence about two hours earlier regarding a welfare check.

Upon arrival, two officers approached the residence on foot and as they were opening the gate to the residence, which is encircled by a large wooden fence about 8 feet tall, the officers saw a white male wearing a dark-colored hoodie and mask place a large flat-screen television on the ground and run back through the residence. The officers called out a burglary in progress and took chase of the suspect (later identified as the Grimes).

Police eventually apprehended Grimes after a short foot chase involving a K-9 unit, but lost track of Sar.

Interestingly, police apparently made two trips to the victim's home on the night of the alleged robbery. Officers responded at approximately 11 p.m. to the robbery in progress, but had been at the home on Gunnison Street only two hours before "regarding a welfare check," according to court documents.

Also according to charging documents, the alleged thieves reportedly spent quite some time inside the victim's residence.

From charging documents:

[The victim] stated there were two intruders and told the officers the suspects stated they had been in her home for quite some time before being noticed by the victim. As stated, officers and fire department personnel had responded about two hours before the officers responded to the robbery call and the first officers and fire department personnel had left before the robbery attempt. The suspects told the victim they had been in her home hiding the entire time the previous officers and fire personnel were there.

Court documents indicate that after the victim went to bed, Grimes and Sar allegedly entered her bedroom and held her at gunpoint while they stole three necklaces, eight rings, ten bracelets, a white coat and her ATM card - which was taken to a nearby Shell gas station on Center Street and attempted (unsuccessfully) to withdraw money with. Video surveillance from the store shows a man matching Sar's description wearing a dark-colored baseball cap with the numbers "253" on it attempting to use the ATM machine. Grimes allegedly stayed at the victim's home to hold her captive during this time.

Not surprisingly, the victim was apparently shaken from her run-in with the Juggalos.

From charging documents:

When officers returned to the residence they spoke with the victim, 69 year old, G.S., who was found to be shaking and stuttering and very upset about the incident. The victim was described as wearing a white nightgown and "shaking violently."

Find the full Declaration for Determination of Probable Cause filed against Sar on the next page.

Declaration for Determination of Probable Cause filed against Sar

Juggalo Charging Docs

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