If Your Bike Was Stolen In the Past Year, Seattle Police Might Have It

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We all know bicycle thieves are the scum of the earth, have their own circle of hell, and that bikes in Seattle turn up missing all the time. But what if we told you there's a good chance the police have your bike but couldn't say anything until now. You better believe it.

The Seattle Police Department just revealed the existence of Operation Oliver's Twist, a year-long buy-back operation to root out Seattle's stolen-goods market. Last night they rounded up 30 of 102 suspected thieves and made public the 900-plus treasure trove of recovered items, including vehicles, watercraft, computers, smartphones, jewelry, weapons, passports, credit cards, and even military-grade C-4.

Best of all, police also recovered a whopping 76 stolen bicycles.

SPD set up shop in a Georgetown warehouse and put the word out they were a fencing service "willing to be your middleman." Then, along with help from the FBI, they hid cameras and waited for the thieves to come to them.

When SPD made the announcement today, Detective Jeff Kappel explained that the stolen items couldn't have been returned sooner because doing so might have alerted thieves who lived nearby. That means that even if your bike had been reported stolen months ago, and was in SPD's custody, the department couldn't let you know they had it until now.

Think your booty might have been some of what was reclaimed? Flip through this handy Flickr Feed that SPD has set up to see if your two-wheeled beauty is among the lucky ones.

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