Ron Paul Hates King County's Republican 'Shenanigans'

Ron Paul is not happy. Maybe it's his third and fourth place finishes in Tuesday's caucuses, maybe he's getting lonely out there on the campaign trail with only one full-time reporter following him during his last visit here, or maybe it's the debate Huckabee double-booked during Paul's beloved caucus time here in Washington. But whatever has got Ron Paul's bee in his bonnet, he has turned vindictive in his quest for Washington delegates this week, pouncing on shadows with full force.

Ron Paul's lawyer David Warrington sent a letter to the State Republican leadership in Bellevue and Mercer Island about "substantial irregularities" regarding the appointment of King County's Precinct Committee Officers (PCO's).

PCO's run caucuses and help with picking delegates for the national convention. King County is one of the largest counties in the country, and with our Republican caucus this weekend those delegates are right in the center of Ron Paul's cross-hairs. He targets the King County GOP Chairman herself, Lori Sotelo, implying she made last-minute PCO appointments before the caucuses and calling it a "blatant attempt to corrupt the political process."

The Chairman herself is on to Paul's plan. Sotelo told the Times "I think they are looking for a way to discredit the process," calling them conspiracy theories, and that none of the other candidates complained about how King County runs things. Hey, if there's something on which King County politicos can be considered experts, it is process.

In Ron Paul's mind, the Chairman is trying to stack the deck against his optimistic first victory after 11 losses and he'll pull out all the stops. He is attacking the election process before the caucus has even begun as a form of insurance in case he loses. A classic political trick, he can attack a grey area of the political process for keeping the man down in the delegates.

An amusing error in the letter's closing sentence also has Ron Paul promising to make sure people's rights are "violated" instead of "validated":

Should this blatant attempt to corrupt the process continue in King County, or anywhere else, the Paul Campaign will pursue all of the legal remedies to ensure that the process is fair and legal and that the rights of citizens participating in the process are violated.

Here at the Weekly we never make tpyos, but we'll let it go this time.

At least we hope it's a typo...

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