Romney 'Wins' State GOP Straw Poll

It's a non-binding straw poll that doesn't officially determine who gets most of Washington's GOP presidential delegates. But Mitt Romney will take it. By notching a roughly 38 percent plurality vote in today's state Republican caucus and finishing ahead of Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, Romney at least becomes the candidate most likely to emerge victorious at this summer's state GOP convention.

Updated, 11:06 p.m.: With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Romney had 37.6 percent of the straw vote, followed by Paul with 24.8 percent, Santorum with 23.8 percent, and Newt Gingrich lagging back at 10.2 (3.4 percent were "undecided/other.") It was Romney's fifth straight primary season win and sent him coursing with momentum into Super Tuesday's voter bacchanalia.

The percentage seems to assure Romney of about a dozen out of the 43 delegates the state will send to the national convention. But exactly who they will all support won't be decided until the state convention in Tacoma starting May 31.

"The voters of Washington have sent a signal that they do not want a Washington insider in the White House," Romney said in a statement. "They want a conservative businessman who understands the private sector and knows how to get the federal government out of the way so that the economy can once again grow vigorously."

Or put another way, "Corporations are people, my friends."

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