Kemper Freeman Loses in Court, Can't Kill Light Rail Across I-90

Car-loving developer Kemper Freeman would like nothing more than to stop light rail expansion in its tracks, but last week the tide may have turned for good for transit advocates as Freeman lost a key court battle to keep the East Link expansion from coming into his back yard over the I-90 bridge. He may still appeal, but you have to ask yourself: How many licks does it take for the hardest-core pro-car advocate to get the picture?

In 2008 King, Pierce, and Snohomish County voters in the Sound Transit district approved the Prop. 1 Mass Transit Expansion by 60.5 percent. The next year Freeman sued the state over plans to run the expansion across the I-90 floating bridge.

Like any high-profile lawsuit, this one took three years to get a final answer, but only after climbing all the way up to the State Supreme Court and bouncing back down to Kittitas County Superior Court where last Friday a judge ruled in favor of the state.

But don't whip out your ORCA card just yet. Sound Transit's $3 Billion East Link, extending from the International District / Chinatown Station in Downtown Seattle to the Overlake Transit Center in Bellevue, isn't set to open until March... 11 years from now.

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