Gregoire Signing Cop Killer "Blue Alert" Bill Today

The public will be able to help track down cop killers after Governor Christine Gregoire signs a bill today to create a "Blue Alert" system. Based on the Amber Alerts which inform the public of missing children through live updates to the media and messages on digital highway signs, the "Blue Alerts" will make it easier for Washington keep an eye out for cop killers.

The bill's passage comes in the wake of a manhunt for ex-convict Joshua Blake, who murdered State Trooper Tony Radulescu during a traffic stop late last month.

tony radulescu.jpg

Sponsored by State Representative and 14-year Seattle police officer Mike Hope, the "Blue Alert" bill had been languishing in the legislature because it required paying someone $120K a year to set up and maintain the program. The public outcry spurred action, and the bill was quickly approved by a unanimous vote in both the House and Senate.

"It's not only my responsibility as a police officer, but it's also my duty as a state legislator to protect the public," Hope said at the bill's passage in the House. "This bill will provide law enforcement the necessary additional tools to apprehend our most dangerous criminals."

Gov. Gregoire will sign the bill into law today at 2 p.m., and will go into effect June 7.

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