Corey J. Arendt and Tyler A. Chase Suspected of Burglarizing Homes While People Grieved

Alleged criminals are rarely known for their understanding and empathy. Still, two suspected burglars in Snohomish County have raised the bar for criminal thoughtlessness. Q13 Fox reports police have issued arrest warrants for Corey J. Arendt and Tyler A. Chase in relation to a string of Snohomish County burglaries in which the perpetrators allegedly struck the grieving friends and family members of the recently deceased.

Authorities say they have probably cause to believe Arendt and Chase watched the obituaries section of their local paper and then used the information gleaned to break into unoccupied homes while families attended funerals or memorial services.

That's some real stand-up stuff (allegedly).

According to the Q13 Fox report:

A Marysville police detective said that they have obtained some property from at least five of the burglaries, but the primary suspects are believed to have rented a vehicle that they loaded with stolen items and reportedly headed south possibly to Reno, Nev., Las Vegas, Portland, Eugene, Arizona or California.

The story also notes the suspects are believed to be armed and dangerous, and likely travelling in a rented 2011 Chevrolet Impala with Oregon plate number 376ETA.

Until the case is solved, folks would be well advised to grieve with one eye on their valuables.

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