Comment of the Day: Tongue in Ronulan Cheek

Super Tuesday is upon us, and the Ron Paul supporters are out in full force. Before the Washington state caucuses this past weekend the Rep from Texas was not very happy with the local GOP leadership, and the Ronulans were not happy in our comment thread. Commenter Bill O'Really caught our eye however with a more subtle tongue-firmly-in-cheek tone, and he gets our Comment of the Day:

Shock! Why on Earth would Ron Paul think that the desperate clowns of the GOP are corrupt? This process has been stellar thus far. I see no bias in any way in any venue. I just don't get it. I have seen no irregularities whatsoever in the voting process. But I am a drunk, a drug addict, went to public school, and I'm inherently dishonest. What the heck do I know? Nevermind.
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