Comment of the Day: USPS Retiree's Raw Deal

The Department of Labor, in rare form, is suing the Post Office for retaliating against a whistleblowing Seattle Post Office safety inspector. The employee did his job and the Post Office gave him a raw deal for his trouble. Commenter RETPM is a retired USPS employee. This reader gave us a glimpse into the inner workings of our Postal Service, and for that RETPM gets our Comment of the Day:

You go Mr. Whistleblower!!!! I hope you nail their sick, arrogant, slimy buttocks to the wall. I was treated similarly for writing an article to the Federal Times about (air)craft employees, the Union power rule, and no work performance standards. I was continually harrassed for several years after that, and micro-managed into taking what I consider a "forced" disability retirement 3 years shy of a regular retirement. That was costly to my psyche and my pocket book. I make approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of what I could have drawn had I been able to tough it out for those 3 years. When I asked the EEO Compliance Manager about filing a "hostile work environment" complaint, I was told that I had to file it directly with the District Manager. Well, because the District Manager was the leading offender and creator of the poor environment, you can guess that complaining to him wasn't about to happen. I would love for someone to take the leadership of this floundering organization to task. Go for it !!!!!!
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