Drug runners get caught all the time from careless mistakes or from flashing their newfound wealth in the wrong places. Smart drug-runners know better than


Captured Drug Trafficker's License Plate Reads: "SMUGLER"

Drug runners get caught all the time from careless mistakes or from flashing their newfound wealth in the wrong places. Smart drug-runners know better than to advertise their profession to the world, but there always seems to be that rare breed of law-breaker who just doesn't get the art of subtlety. They try to tempt fate, practically shouting to the world "I'm breaking the law. Arrest me for my stupidity."

Recently released court documents describe a drug bust on Washington's northern border three months ago. It started around 8pm on the night of December 15th with Homeland Security agents staking out a Bellingham Pizza Hut.

They had received a tip that a woman transporting cocaine would be stopping by. A large black stretch limo GMC Yukon pulled into the Pizza Hut parking lot. Earlier a woman carrying a gift-wrapped box marked "Merry Xmas" had been dropped off, and now she came out to the limo with her gift and climbed in. The limo's prophetic license plate read: "SMUGLER."

Agents tailed the vehicle from Bellingham out to a secluded bed and breakfast in Blaine called The Smuggler's Inn. The limo, owned by the Inn, had been called out to pick up a new guest. Homeland Security investigators descended on the vehicle and questioned the woman. She was twenty, her name Jasmine Klair. She was nervous and agitated answering their questions, court documents would later show. They asked about the 'gift' and she said it was hers, giving them permission to open the box. Inside, the investigators found twenty pounds of cocaine.

Now that she had been found out, Klair cooperated with the agents. She said she was to be paid $4k to transport the 9 kilo bricks across the border to Surrey. She was in contact with two Vancouver residents who would be expecting the package. So Agents had Klair keep in contact with her accomplices as they listened in.

Klair had been instructed to get a room on the bottom floor facing the back yard of The Smuggler's Inn. This location was chosen because the house happened to be right on the U.S./Canada border. It was so close, in fact, that the border ran right through the Inn's back yard and would be a mere 90 feet from her door.

The two accomplices were Gurjit Singh Sandhu and Narminder Kaler. Sandhu had introduced the other two after Klair told him she needed to make some money. Kaler had money issues of his own. He had managed to lose 115 pounds of marijuana and thus had a huge $325k drug debt to pay off. He expected to get $2k for this seemingly simple pickup.

Sandhu called Klair trying to get her to bring the drugs across the border. With investigators coaching her, Clair said she couldn't get it to them. But Kaler needed that money, so something had to be done. Just before midnight Sandhu called back to say they would come down and pick up her and the package up instead. Suddenly the smuggler trap was set.

Just five minutes had passed when a VW Jetta pulled up just the other side of the border. Sandhu and Kaler got out. They ran across to Klair's room to grab the box and got very close before agents swooped in for the arrest. The smugglers saw it coming however. They bolted back for the border, leading investigators on a brief foot chase before they were caught.

The two men pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and attempted possession with intent to distribute and face trial in June while Klair, with her hands caught white-handed, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute. She remains jailed until a sentencing hearing next week.

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