Valentine's Day Special: Lovebirds Reconnect Via

It has probably happened to everyone at some point in their life. You meet someone on an airplane, most likely a seatmate. For hours you talk and laugh together, you eat and drink -- you flirt. Then the plane lands, ending one your most pleasurable flights ever. But for whatever reason, you forgot to exchange contact information. And now he or she is gone. How will you find them?

Will met his girlfriend at high altitude.
This very thought occurred to Will Scully-Power, an Australian Internet entrepreneur who last year met his current girlfriend while flying from Thailand to Malaysia. (Click here to read her full story.) The lovebirds did remember to exchange e-mail addresses before leaving the airport, but Scully-Power suspected many other travelers skip that step and go home with a "what if?" feeling.

Hence the creation of, a new website that offers a second chance of reconnecting with the one you fell head-over-heels for at 30,000 feet. Dave Ross and Luke Burbank talked about it this morning on their 97.3 KIRO-FM show.

"After analyzing Google's search data, we found over 4,000 people were searching daily for someone they'd met on a plane. Yet there was no website or service availability to help facilitate a reconnection," Scully-Power told MSNBC after launching the site in early January and beginning to gather stories.

Here's the deal: You go the site and search using a flight number, year, month, date, and the flight's origin and destination. Then travelers hoping to renew bonds with that special passenger can either post their story and hope that the cute seatmate spots it, or search the site for the seatmate's story.

If a reply is posted, the site sends an alert. There's also an option to spread the word using Facebook and Twitter.

So far, only about a dozen stories have been posted, and no romantic reconnects have been made. But Scully-Power notes that the site is young and still in the beginning phase.

Love is in the air.

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