Santorum Is So Spooked by Stormy Washington Visit That He Wants Secret Service Protection

Santorum exercises right to bare arms
Rick Santorum likes to kid that his penchant for sweater vests is all about making a statement about the Second Amendment -- you know, the right to "bare" arms. He really is a laugh-a-minute kind of guy. But after his sojourn here Monday, where he clashed with gay-marriage activists and Occupy Wall Street protestors, the stand-up jokester is thinking about bringing on the big guys with sunglasses.

The visit clearly spooked the GOP presidential candidate, the one who's emerged as Mitt Romney's fiercest rival. He'd barely started speaking on Monday evening outside the Washington State History Museum when protesters in the crowd interrupted him with chants. Two people were dragged out by police and ultimately three protestors were arrested.

And because of that, Secret Service protection is needed?

Come on, Rick.

"We're talking about that right now. It's unfortunate that we're in that situation where folks can get a little rowdy," Santorum said yesterday to reporters in Boise, Idaho, in reference to hiring special protection.

"I think it's really important for you to understand what this radical element represents. Because what they represent is true intolerance," Santorum said about the "Occupy" demonstrators.

After allegations of sexual harassment began dogging Herman Cain, the former GOP candidate was the first to hire Secret Service protection. The only other candidate to use them is Romney.

Now that Santorum is rising in the polls, fresh from his big three-state victory sweep last Tuesday, the social conservative is looking to take all necessary precautions.

Fortunately, at his appearances in Olympia and Tacoma, no one was bearing arms.

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