Sacramento Kings Will Stay: No NBA Team for Seattle...Yet

In "Old Yeller" the lovable golden retriever's original owner learns Yeller is more needed at his new home, so the old man lets the stray stay. If only Seattle were so lucky with our wayward basketball team, the Sacramento Kings.

"It's game over," according to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. Seattle's hopes for bringing the NBA team may have just missed the buzzer as the owner of the Sacramento Kings, George Maloof, just agreed to sink $150 million into keeping their basketball team from coming to Seattle. Maloof says "we got something worked out, tentative. We're all very excited about it. We were skeptical about whether or not something could happen."

It was just over a week ago that Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn had raised our hopes, announcing an agreement the City of Seattle was ready to make with hedge-fund manager and supposed Seattle Sonics savior Chris Hansen. Only the deal could go through if Hansen could actually get at team, like the supposedly very available Kings, to migrate north. But the ball was always in Sacramento's court, and today Maloof finally decided to put up the money to keep their Kings.

"I'm excited," says Maloof. "(I'm) sure the fans are excited. We always said we wanted to stay. It worked out." ...just not for Seattle.

In this whip-saw up-and-down drama it wouldn't be very Seattle-like without at least a glimmer of hope. The deal isn't finalized until the Sacramento City Council approves the plan first. Their end of the bargain includes getting City funds straightened out for the deal, much as Mayor McGinn and company have done on our end. Sacramento's council will put the plan to a vote, which won't happen until next week on March 6.
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