NBA Commish David Stern Should Beg Seattle's Forgiveness

You apologize, Mr. Stern.
Let bygones be bygones. Time to forgive and move on. It would be "foolish and shortsighted" to stay mad at NBA Commissioner David Stern. Come on! He treated this town like dog meat in the callous way he handled the Sonics' rude exit to Oklahoma City -- and now Seattle Times columnist Steve Kelley is talking appeasement. No way.

Art Thiel of Sportpress Northwest reprises today Stern's meeting with reporters three seasons ago in Sacramento where he was asked to rationalize his decision to give the Kings a one-year stay rather than move the team to Anaheim.

Stern was asked at the time why he didn't do the same for Seattle -- to which he went off on "the hostility" he encountered from former mayor Greg Nickels and House Speaker Frank Chopp for not "moving any legislation even that just authorized King County to what which it might have done to help support the [Key] arena.

But now we're to forgive Stern because he is forgiving us, now that the badly struggling Sacramento franchise is in shambles and in desperate need of public financing?! So suddenly Seattle is looking good again in Stern's eyes.

Nothing like "staring at a dead franchise," as Thiel writes, to make Seattle look like the sport's capital of the universe.

Fact is, Stern never owned up to having anything to do with the Sonics' demises, which really began with the 1999 lockout and hasn't gotten any better despite the 2011 lockout.

"We have to learn from the loss of the Sonics," writes Kelley. "We can't be naive again. This is a Machiavellian world. You have to be aggressive as Gary Payton on the ball or Shawn Kemp at the rim . . . So let's forgive David Stern, because we have no other choice."

No, let him forgive Seattle.

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