Hey Kids, Stay in the Car; We'll Be Right Back. Just Need to Do a Little Sex-Toy Shopping

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Oh, those nutty couples down at Lewis-McChord. Seems the husband and wife thought it would be great fun to run up to a Tacoma sex shop for a 90-minute shopping spree and leave their two little boys, ages 3 and 4, in the van -- with the engine running in a dark parking lot! Let's just say a Mother or Father of the Year nomination is highly unlikely anytime soon.

The clerk was appalled, which says a lot about someone who spends her nights selling sex toys. Not long after she called police, officers rolled into the parking lot and peered into the green minivan. It was locked and running. The two boys were inside, watching a movie -- presumably a G-rated one.

"I smiled at the children," the officer wrote. "They both smiled and waved back."

Inside the sex shop, the officers located the couple, both 23. They were in the middle of spending $430 on risque merchandise. The father was carrying a third child, a 1-year-old boy, who one guesses might not have wanted to take in a movie.

Wrote the officer: "I asked whey they would leave their two small children in a running vehicle while they were inside the adult store." A very good question, indeed.

The parents said it was OK since the van was locked -- and besides, they parked out in front so they could keep on eye on the kids.

The other officer informed the young couple that it would only take a second or two for someone to break in the vehicle and snatch their children.

The parents were both cited for leaving children in a running vehicle, which is against the law.

The sex-shop clerk, meanwhile, told police that the couple had done the same thing before, and she had also called police. But they left before the cops arrived.

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