Comment of the Day: Unamused at Our Amusing Tale of High School 'Bully' Chris Hansen

Mike Seely penned a cheeky little post the other day about how former Blanchet High schoolmates remembered Chris Hansen as a kid who "hung out with a motley crew of bullies." Now remember, true or not, we don't give a rat's ass about allegations of adolescent roughnecking, for Hansen is our savior, the hot-shot San Francisco hedge-fund manager who's bent on bringing the NBA back to Seattle. He can do no wrong. Just ask Will, whose Comment of Day oooozes sarcasm:

I am apalled, chasing somebody in the hallway and getting in a fight, as a teenager! If he got a traffic ticket, I say we lynch him! Maybe we can track down somebody who saw him T.P. a house. We have a guy who goes from living in the Central District without a dime in his pocket, to putting himself through college, and becoming an extremely successful business man...sounds like a role model, not a bully.

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