Bad Boy Aaron Reardon Faked Headaches and Sure Talked a Lot to His Mistress

The Seattle Times is out this morning with a spicy story on Aaron Reardon's lengthy affair with Tamara Dutton (click here for Seattle Weekly's take), a bodybuilder and Snohomish County social worker. Here's my favorite part: During one of their junkets together, this one in Chicago, Reardon, according to Dutton, faked a headache to get out of a Democratic Leadership Council meeting. Instead the merry pair dashed off in a cab for dinner and drinks. There's more . . .

Tamara Dutton: Social worker -- and bodybuilder.
On one weekday afternoon in July, Times staff writer Emily Heffter reports, the 41-year-old Snohomish County Executive spent nearly 2 1/2 hours on the phone chatting up a storm with Dutton. And since Reardon's cell-phone plan is not unlimited, the county was charged by the minute. It came to $36 that day.

"We talked for hours on the phone all the time about anything and everything," Dutton said.

There was never any professional reason for Dutton to go on these trips with Reardon to Chicago, Washington, D.C., and other cities. It was just part of the affair -- which a law-enforcement source tells The Times it most certainly was.

The two ended the relationship last year. Dutton is cooperating with authorities who are looking into how the married Reardon used his position and official business trip to carry on the affair.

She has plane tickets, telephone records, Facebook and text messages, and other documents that show that their romantic dealings were largely confined to workdays and on business trips across the country.

Writes Heffter:

Dutton said the two also met locally on weekdays, at hotels, Reardon's office, a Reardon friend's apartment in Seattle, or her house.

His image as a rising star now tarnished, Reardon has refused to comment. He's hired an attorney and says he's not talking until the State Patrol investigation is completed.

The DLC, by the way, whose Chicago conference Reardon skipped because of a headache, paid for all but $82.80 of the trip's cost.

And, as Heffter reports:

Dutton said she got a "free tour of D.C." when she accompanied Reardon in January 2007 when he said he was on a lobbying trip. Snohomish County paid for Reardon's $327 plane ticket, a $66 parking bill, $261 in incidentals and $311 for a stay one of those nights at the boutique Hotel Rouge. The county also paid for a bar charge and $58 room-service bill.

"The only time he left me was to go out in the hallway to make a phone call," Dutton said."

Also, according to the Times, a handwritten note on the county's credit-card statement says a $50.60 charge to a D.C. hotel's honor bar mistakenly was charged to the county's card.

Reardon's secretary called the hotel and had the charge -- which investigators have learned was for an "intimacy kit" -- removed and charged to Reardon's personal card. The Hotel Rouge says it offers an intimacy kit that includes condoms and lubricant.
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