Another Twisted Shoe Drops: 'Incestuous' Sex Images Were Found on Josh Powell's Computer Two Years Ago

Just when you think the story can't get any weirder, any sicker -- it does. Last week, as you recall, Josh Powell was in Pierce County court trying to win back custody of his two boys. Also last week, as DSHS spokesman Tom Shapley told Seattle Weekly yesterday, Washington authorities were informed by Utah police that they had found "disturbing" material on his home computer in West Valley City.

Now we learn that the disturbing materials were realistic, computer-generated depictions of "incestuous" parent-child relations. Mother of god, where does this end?

So disgusting was the filth on Powell's computer that a psychologist recommended that Powell undergo an intensive psychosexual evaluation.

Now here's the kicker: Steve Downing, an attorney for the boys' grandparents, Chuck and Judy Cox (the parents of the missing mother, Susan Cox Powell) was not granted the opportunity to view the incestuous sex material before the Feb. 1 custody hearing. The whole thing seems inexplicable, for a Utah judge had made it clear in a sealed court order that he, Steve Downing, was one of the few people permitted to see it.

Had he been able to, says Downing, he might have the asked the court to change the terms of Powell's supervised visitation with Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5, by asking that the visits take place in a public place.

Instead, as The Associated Press reports, "Downing said he didn't learn until Thursday morning -- four days after Powell killed himself and the boys in a house fire -- that he was allowed to see them."

"That would have absolutely given me the opportunity to submit a declaration about our deep concern. I was approved ... to view those pictures and I was never notified," Downing said. "I could have gone into all the reasons why the visitation could have or should have been restricted."

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