Amanda Knox Cashes In Big; $4 Million for Memoir

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Four months removed from an Italian prison cell, Amanda Knox has agreed to a nearly $4 million book deal about her trial and imprisonment for the murder of her British roommate.

The 24-year-old Knox signed the deal with HarperCollins, and the still-untitled book is due out in early 2013.

"Knox will give a full and unflinching account of the events that led to her arrest in Perugia and her struggles with the complexities of the Italian judicial system," HarperCollins said in a statement. "Aided by journals she kept during her imprisonment, Knox will talk about her harrowing experience at the hands of the Italian police and later prison guards and inmates. She will reveal never-before-told details surrounding her case, and describe how she used her inner strength and strong family ties to cope with the most challenging time of her young life."

Knox was arrested in November 2007, along with Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, and charged with killing Meredith Kercher, whose body was found partially nude and her throat slashed.

48 Hours: Mystery correspondent Peter Van Sant, who has been covering her case since Knox's first trial in 2008, said that Knox may have agreed to write the book in order to repay her parents for their long fight to free her.

"Amanda's best friend had told us that she was always hoping one day to be able to repay the sacrifice that her parents put out there to save her and get her out of jail," Van Sant told CBS News.

He also said, "I was told there was more interest in Amanda Knox's story than in Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's books. The bidding was fierce. The figure I've been told $4 million is a little high. But it is a seven-figure advance, and good for her. The family was more than a million dollars in debt from all of this."

On Monday, the same day Italian prosecutors filed a brief to have her murder conviction reinstated, Knox was spotted strolling around her old UW haunts, listening to music on her headphone, chatting on her cell phone, doing a little shopping.

She can do plenty of shopping now.

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