Accused Murderess Holly Grigsby Demands Cocoa Puffs in Jail

Who can blame Holly Grigsby? It's bad enough to be charged with aggravated murder, but it's quite another thing not to be able to count on a nice bowl of Cocoa Puffs when you find yourself locked up in a maximum-security Snohomish County jail cell.

On Monday, lawyers haggled for two full hours over whether Grigsby should be given access to the jail's commissary, where she could get her hands on her favorite sugary breakfast cereal. She also wants coffee, tea, and candy bars.

And believe it or not, the argument is not yet over. Another hearing is scheduled in March, when a judge will at last decide whether jail staff must let her grocery-shop at the commissary.

Jailers say inmates like Grigsby and Davide "Joey" Pedersen -- also accused of killing David "Red" Pedersen and his wife DeeDee, of Everett, last fall -- often use snacks to barter for favors, and something like a Snickers can be turned into jailhouse hooch.

Grigsby, reports the Everett Herald, has already received several violations for trying to brew alcohol in her cell.

Attorneys for both defendants have filed motions, complaining about jail conditions and saying it's not right that the accused can't supplement their three meals a day with some jail-store eats.

Investigators, meanwhile, believe Grigsby and Pedersen killed two others -- an Oregon teenager and a disabled California man -- before their capture in northern California.

The Oregon couple has ties to white-supremacist groups. Grigsby allegedly has made statements that the Oregon teen, Cody Myers, was killed because he had a "Jewish-sounding" last name. Myers was Christian. Grigsby also allegedly has made statements that Reginald Clark was shot to death in California because she believed he had a drug problem. Clark was black.

Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Roe is expected to decide by April 20 if he'll seek the death penalty for the pair.

At a hearing Monday, the Herald reports:

Pedersen and Grigsby, both in shackles, flirted with each other. He winked. She smiled. Jail officials testified that the pair were immediately classified as maximum-security inmates because of the nature of the charges against them and the possibility that prosecutors may seek the death penalty.

Cocoa Puffs were not allowed in the courtroom.

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