A Tale of Lunacy From the Last Frontier

Cabin fever makes you craaazy
It could be the worst case of cabin fever ever in Alaska. Authorities recently put away a man who threatened to teach "crackheads" how to make "electromagnetic distortion devices" unless the state pays him the $85,000 he owes to credit-card companies. (I used to live and work in Alaska. This stuff happens more often you think -- especially when the cold, dark, interminable winter lingers on.)

"He thought everyone who isn't a good person is a crackhead. And yeah, he's a little different," Sgt. Jess Carson told Seattle Weekly today. The state trooper is referring to one Stanislaus Grzeskowiak of North Pole, who is charged with felony extortion. The unemployed 36-year-old is in a Fairbanks jail cell on $2,500 bail.

Sgt. Carson said the man called troopers last Friday to say he knew how to use discarded TV sets to make devices that could block police radios, computer communication, and cellphones.

"He felt like he was wronged by the banks, wronged by the credit-card companies, and that the education system was all messed up," Carson recalled. And yes, there were marital problems, too.

"He had bills of $85,000, and he said if we didn't pay him he'd cut communication cables of oil companies and credit-card companies."

It's gotta be cabin fever.

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