The Seahawks Should Consider Signing Mark Brunell in 2012

This week's cover story brings us the tale of former star Husky quarterback Mark Brunell, who's declared bankruptcy after pissing away $75 million in pro earnings on rancid real estate investments. This happens to a lot of retired players. Yet while the 41-year-old Brunell is thinking about retiring, he should think instead about moving back to Seattle next year.

As every Seahawk fan is hotly anticipating, this weekend's finale against the Arizona Cardinals will, god willing, mark colossal bust Charlie Whitehurst's last game as the Seahawks' backup quarterback. Clipboard Jesus' departure will leave Tarvaris Jackson and third-stringer Josh Portis, who's never taken a regular season snap (ring a bell?), as the team's only signal callers under contract for next season.

Portis has potential, but the p-word has gotten the current Hawk brass in trouble before at the quarterback position--"trouble" strictly defined as "Whitehurst." And if the team drafts a promising rookie in the early rounds of the draft, Portis as the first line of insurance for the fragile (yet, in fairness, tough) Jackson is a scary prospect for a team on the rise.

Which brings us to Brunell, still considered a serviceable backup quarterback in a league fond of reheating its elders at that position while devouring its young at most others. Despite the fact that, according to court documents, Brunell has a sweet-ass job as an entry-level medical supplies salesman lined up for life after football that'll pay him upwards of $60K per year, it'd pale in comparison to the million or so he'd make running opposing teams' offenses in practice.

Brunell returning to Seattle would be tantamount to rekindling a passionate relationship that only ended because of insurmountable logistical circumstances--in Brunell's case, that he couldn't prolong his college career beyond the maximum four years, and was drafted by a pro team other than Seahawks. Mark, Seattle could be your Sugar Mama; let it lick you while you're down.

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