Police Need New Patrol Cars as Ford Bids Farewell to the Crown Victoria

Ford Motor Co. in April stopping taking orders for the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, which means Seattle police will at some point need to find a new fleet of squad cars. "It's all yet to be determined. We'll be looking around to see what's available," says Seattle Police spokesman Mark Jamieson.

For almost 15 years the "Crown Vic" owned the market as the patrol car of choice for law enforcement agencies across the country. Able to chase down crooks at speeds of more than 150 mph, the Police Interceptor was not sold to the general public, though they are widely available secondhand.

The Washington State Patrol -- whose fleet of 700 vehicles consists mostly of Police Interceptors -- and the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department, plan to put its officers in a Chevrolet Caprice, perhaps as early as next spring. Lynnwood police opted for the Dodge Charger some time ago. Most cities in the region, though, are still undecided.

The last Crown Victoria rolled off the assembly line of the St. Thomas, Ontario, Ford plant on September 15, a civilian model destined for Saudi Arabia.

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