Philly's Revenge: Seahawks DE Raheem Brock Sentenced to Six-Months Probation for Cheesesteak Dine-and-Dash

With one hand Philly giveth and with one hand Philly taketh away. It's a rule that applies to both football and to cheesesteak sandwiches, it seems.

Because while the Seahawks team as a whole got a huge win last night partly due to running back Marshawn Lynch's craving for Skittles, Hawks Defensive End Raheem Brock got convicted of theft purely due to his craving for cheesesteak sandwiches.

As we reported back in June Brock had been in Philadelphia with some friends and family and they had gone to the Copacabana restaurant to order food, but when one of Brock's lady friends decided that the Copa's grub was taking to long, they all left and went across the street to get cheesesteak sandwiches.

Later police arrived after the Copa's manager called saying that he'd just been robbed of a $27 tab.

Brock chalked the whole affair up to a misunderstanding, saying that he thought he'd canceled his first order before leaving the restaurant.

But as Philly Mag reports today, a judge didn't buy the excuse.

Brock was sentenced to six months of probation, though he'll be able to appeal through Philadelphia's bizarre Common Pleas Court system.

A local lawyer tells PM that "You'll probably be writing about this story a year from now."

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