Nathan Godwin, Driver Charged with Killing Biker, Hit the Road After Smoking Pot and Drinking 'Adios Motherfucker'

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In the ongoing battle between drivers and bikers, accusations fly on both sides. Bikers charge drivers with hostile driving, while those behind the wheel say cyclists recklessly hog the road. Drivers, however, better steer clear of the case against Nathan Godwin.

The 26-year-old Godwin was charged on Monday in King County Superior Court with vehicular homicide and reckless driving. In the early hours of December 8, Godwin, driving a green Ford Explorer in Kirkland, collided with a cyclist named Bradley Nakatani, who died at the scene.

When police first arrived, Godwin attempted to blame Nakatani by saying the cyclist had swerved into his lane of NE 124th St, according to court documents. Godwin also said he hadn't imbibed. But, oh, he had taken a prescription drug called Suboxone, used to treat his opiate addition.

After miserably failing a sobriety test, according to the documents, Godwin admitted that actually he had imbibed just a little bit. There were the two glasses of champagne. And a drink called "Jeremiah Weed Iced Tea" -a sweet, tea-flavored vodka mix that "goes down ridiculously easy," according to a Fox News connoisseur.

Continuing to show an impressive knowledge of mixed drinks, Godwin said that he had also drunk something called "Adios Motherfucker," which he helpfully explained to the cops was a mix of five types of liquor plus beer. On top of all that, Godwin told cops he had smoked a pot-filled cigar known as a "blunt" as well.

Maybe that explains why, according to the cops, he was driving 60 in a 35 mile-per-hour zone.

This was apparently not his first escapade into bad driving. Blogger Nerds in Seattle has the scoop, tracking down years of traffic violations and fines. After one incident, in 2005, Godwin completed a court-ordered safe driving class.

Obviously, not all bike-car collisions involve someone like Godwin. But it's a seemingly outrageous case that is making the rounds on cycling blogs, and will fuel the idea that it's cyclists who have the most to fear.

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