Man Calls OnStar for Help on Transporting Dead Wife Across Canadian Border

A loving couple, a tragic death, a 225-mile car ride, and a helpful call to an OnStar agent all played a role in this harrowing tale out of Pasco, Wash.

The Wenatchee World reports that a 71-year-old unidentified man and his wife were vacationing in Oregon when the woman began suffering from a "mental condition." The husband immediately turned their car around and headed toward home in Oliver, B.C.

At Pasco, the woman died. Her husband kept driving, his goal to get home and tend to his wife burial then and there.

About 200 miles or so later, however, and the man apparently realized that passing over the Canadian border with a dead woman riding shotgun would pose problems. So he dialed his car's OnStar system and asked to be connected to border officials.

The folks at OnStar eventually convinced the man to stop by the Tonasket Police Department where they sorted things out. The woman was deemed to have died of natural causes, the man was told he probably should have called police when she died in the first place, but otherwise left to mourn the loss of his wife.

The local police chief explained that the man was simply doing what he thought was best.

"He wasn't sure what to do, so he kept driving," said Tonasket Police Chief Robert Burks.

At last check the man and his wife were apparently still waiting at the border to cross, thanks to what else: Paperwork.

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