Justin Forsett's Shower Pill: What Benzalkonium Chloride Means to an NFL Tailback

While not showering is considered cool among hobos and indie-rock fans, most people like to stay fresh. And while a handful of offices have showers, most don't, making midday exercise challenging for anyone unwilling to buck up for a gym membership. Seahawk running back Justin Forsett thinks he has the solution for such a dilemma, and it retails for under $2 at a running store near you.

Last month, Forsett dropped by Pioneer Square's Bread of Life Mission to serve dinner to the shelter's clientele. But Forsett also handed out a series of 9"X8" body wipes, dubbed the ShowerPill, which have subsequently been selling at the likes of Super Jock 'n Jill and West Seattle Runner.

"It's an anti-bacterial wipe for people on the go," says Forsett. "Say you're in a time crunch and can't reach a shower--you can use this. We don't use any alcohol, so you can use it on your whole body and face. It actually cleans you, and it has a nice fragrance." While the "cottonish" wipe is comprised of ingredients like Witch Hazel, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, its anti-bacterial centerpiece--standing in for the aforementioned alcohol--is Benzalkonium Chloride.

Forsett developed the idea for ShowerPill in concert with Wendell Hunter and Wale (pron. Wall-eh) Hunter, two of his former teammates at Cal-Berkeley who are now a firefighter and EMT, respectively. According to corporate lore, the product's inspiration comes from "an old locker room joke about players wishing there was a hypothetical 'showerpill' to take when time was low" and Hunter's envy over his infant son's ability to be cleansed by a baby wipe. So they created a sort of baby wipe for adults, which can currently be procured in a package of 10 for the special price of $12.50 (normally $14.99) on Amazon.com.

Forsett says he and his fellow Bears "have plans to come out with some other products," although he won't reveal just what. But sink or swim, it's refreshing to see a pro footballer charting such a pragmatic off-field course in an age when eight out of 10 NFL players squander their millions on horribly-conceived nightclubs and real-estate pipe dreams.

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