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Updated Wednesday, December 28 at 8 a.m. Crime took a bite out of Jose Contreras last November when a police dog sniffed him out hiding


Jose Contreras: Police Dog Takes a Bite Out of Freakishly Tattooed Fugitive (UPDATE: Contreras On the Loose Again)

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Updated Wednesday, December 28 at 8 a.m. Crime took a bite out of Jose Contreras last November when a police dog sniffed him out hiding beneath a Yakima apartment while on the lam from a King County burglary charge. Now, a month later, the "tattooed terror" is once again featured on Washington's most-wanted list.

Look up "career criminal" in the dictionary and Contreras' ugly mug will probably be next to the definition. And yet after he was apprehended last month for the burglary charge, the Sureño gang member was remanded to the "Community Center for Alternative Programs" rather than put behind bars.

The stated goal of the program, according to King County's official website, is "to assist offenders in changing those behaviors that have contributed to their being charged with a crime." The CCAP, as it is often abbreviated, is an alternative to jail that offers substance abuse treatment and job skills classes. It requires daily check-ins and has probably helped hundreds, if not thousands, of troubled souls turn their lives around.

Contreras was a no-show at all of the mandatory meetings. He also failed to appear at his court hearing on December 22, at which point a $50,000 warrant was issued for his arrest.

Perhaps he will soon become reacquainted with the police K-9 unit.

Original post, 23, 2011...

Alleged Seattle burglar Jose Contreras came face-to-face with a police dog when he was arrested last week in Yakima, and even the German shepherd probably thinks the 69 tattoo on his face is ill-advised.

According to Washington's Most Wanted, Contreras has a lengthy rap sheet that includes convictions for "several assaults and other violent crimes." In 2009, he reportedly escaped from a work release program in the Tri-Cities with just six months left to serve on a 10-year sentence.

Most recently, he and a former fugitive named Philip Stumpf were wanted for their alleged role in a burglary in North Seattle. A sureño gang member, Contreras was thought to be living somewhere in Burien. Instead, he turned up at his girlfriend's house in Yakima.

When a team of U.S. Marshals, ATF agents and local police tracked him down last Thursday, Contreras burrowed into a crawl space beneath an apartment building. He refused to budge, so the cops sent a dog in after him. This did not end well for Contreras. Via Q-13:

The Yakima Valley was engulfed with the screams of Contreras getting bitten by the dog. He ended up with approximately 60 plus puncture wounds from the dog on both legs. A couple areas required stitches. Contreras admitted at the hospital that he regrets not giving himself up earlier.
Contreras is now likely headed back to prison, where he'll be able to add to his already impressive collection of awful tats. These include the 69 on his chin, writing that looks like a mustache across his upper lip, and "SUR" in block letters on the side of his head. Behold:
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And here's an earlier photo of the 32-year-old Contreras courtesy of Washington Department of Corrections:
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