Sniper Fire Grazes Woman in Downtown Seattle

Heading to our respective homes after work yesterday, Weekly managing editor Caleb Hannan and I were curious as to why the block around Yesler Way and Third Avenue was cordoned off with police tape and guarded by heavily armed SPD officers.

But as I said this was after work and there was Monday Night Football to watch.

Turns out, according to The Seattle Times, that the reason for the hubbub was this:

Seattle police sealed off several downtown Seattle streets Monday and SWAT team members searched for a possible sniper after a woman was shot in the hip.


Apparently a total of eight shots were heard by police and witnesses over the span of about an hour. Besides grazing the woman, another shot reportedly hit the King County Chinook Building.

SWAT members apparently focused on the Frye Building, but they never found any gunman.

Police are still searching for whomever fired the shots.

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