Seattle Central Community College and Rob McKenna Teaming Up to Kick Out Occupy Seattle

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If you believe KING 5's mainly-one-sided report from last night, then the Occupy Seattle camp at Seattle Central Community College has devolved into a Satanic bacchanal of intravenous drug use and open defecation. Now it seems that the college and the Attorney General are teaming up to put the kibosh on the camp.

Capitol Hill Seattle reports that AG and gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna are in conversations about how best to evict the protestors that are hunkering down for winter on the lawn near Broadway and Pine.

It's unclear how the school will accomplish the forced exodus, as there is no rule against camping on the school's campus.

But with winter approaching (feels like it's pretty much here, actually) the folks prepared to camp at OS are going to get hardier and hardier. And there's no doubt that an increasing percentage of them will simply be homeless people--though one could argue that they have the best case of all when it comes to rallying against the national wealth disparity.

But as the mainstream, working-class protestors decrease in numbers, the problems that their more-permanently-destitute comrades bring (drug use, public intoxication, fights, crapping on the lawn, etc.) will likely increase, bringing more and more calls for the camp to disperse.

McKenna may not want to wade too deep into this politically-precarious topic, what with the campaign for governor he's trying to run. But SCCC may force his hand.

Then again, McKenna and SCCC may not even have to lift a finger to see the protestors chased off campus if enough folks keep reading quotes like this:

"We're finding needles, hypodermic needles, in our child care center area," said SCCC Spokesperson Judy Kitzman.
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