Yesterday we told you about Jennifer Fox , the three-months-pregnant Occupy Seattle protestor who says that she had a miscarriage after being beaten and pepper


Jennifer Fox, 'Miscarriage' Occupy Protestor, Has Told This Tale Before

Yesterday we told you about Jennifer Fox, the three-months-pregnant Occupy Seattle protestor who says that she had a miscarriage after being beaten and pepper sprayed by Seattle police during last week's march near Westlake park. KIRO now reports that she may have sung this tune before.

Fox's tale (which we reported yesterday as being unverified and therefore subject to a heavy amount of skepticism) is that during last Tuesday's protest she was not only pepper sprayed, but also kicked in the stomach and pushed in the stomach with a police bicycle, and that the combination of those things caused her to miscarry.

The news went national yesterday after first being reported by The Stranger.

The pepper-spraying part of Fox's story is easily verifiable, as numerous photos and videos document her being carried away by a friend and treated for pepper spray outside of an ambulance.

The kicking and bike shoving is a bit harder to prove, as there appears to be no photo or video proof of it. But given videos of police shoving bicycles into several other people, that part is at least believable.

But the main thrust of Fox's claim, and indeed the most shocking if true, is that medical doctors actually told her that the reason for her miscarriage was specifically because of the trauma she received at the hands of SPD officers.

Fox claims that she will release medical documents proving this part of her story, but has yet to do so.

Now here's where KIRO finds a twist.

Reporter Brandi Kruse says that she has found a police report from September in which police responded to a report of squatters camped out in a house.

Seattle police had responded to a vacant building located in 1250 Denny Way where a security officer reported five squatters. One of those people, according to police sources, was 19-year-old Jennifer Fox.

According to the report, Fox told an officer she was three months pregnant and began crying when arrested.

"(Fox) began holding her stomach and was screaming when she was arrested," read the report. (Fox) was treated at the scene and transported to HMC."

Obviously Fox can't be three months pregnant in September and then still three months pregnant in November.

Fox explains the discrepancy as that the "police report must have been wrong."

Casting further doubt on the woman's claim, The Seattle Times reports that Fox's former foster mom says that she's a compulsive liar, and that she doubts she was ever pregnant at all.

"My daughter is a compulsive liar," Stebbins said. "She's a wannabe drama queen."

Fox, regardless, maintains that her story is true and that she will prove it by this weekend when she goes to the hospital and gets medical records that support her claim.

Until that happens, however, Fox's tale should remain as something to be taken with a large grain of salt.

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