Gummi Bears Crushed by Ocean Depths in UW Study

gummi bear01.jpg
Gummi Bears--the other, other white meat--are the most classic and arguably the most delicious of gummi foodstuffs.

They are also apparently the most scientific.

The University of Washington's Applied Physics Laboratory is using the gummi creatures as one of several means of testing the crushing power of the ocean depths.

A study taking place near the South Pacific island of Samoa is being led by UW researcher Matthew Alford and is looking at waves "as tall as skyscrapers" and how they impact ocean currents and climate.

The scientists are essentially sending various items deep into the ocean and then videotaping what the pressure of the sea does to them. The experiments were apparently inspired from the viral YouTube series "Will It Blend?" only Alford and co. are calling it "Will It Crush?"

The scientists will apparently post the video results of their experiment to YouTube when they return in mid November.

In the meantime Alford is actually taking smash requests. Folks interested in seeing an particular object crushed under the weight of mother ocean can e-mail Alford at He writes that people should keep in mind the item will have to be one they have on hand on their ship.

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