WSU Pi Kappa Alpha Frat Boys Arrested for Sorority Silly-String Raid

silly string01.jpg
It probably started as a funny idea: Let's get few of our frat brothers and go break into the nearby sorority house and spray silly string everywhere. Yeah, bro! Beer me!

But apparently someone forgot that five dudes kicking a door in on a house full of sleeping young women might end badly.

Indeed it did, as five Washington State University Pi Kappa Alpha members were just arrested and are now facing possible charges of breaking and entering and residential burglary for what the frat members call a "porch raid" on the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority.

Pullman Police spokesperson Penni Reavis tells Seattle Weekly that, at the end of the day, the frat members broke a door down and scared the bejesus out of a bunch of young women, which is illegal.

"It may started out as a prank," Reavis says. "But once you break their door down, that's a crime. The victims certainly didn't see it as a prank. When those victims called, they were scared."

It will now be up to Whitman County Prosecutor Denis P. Tracy to decide whether to press charges.

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