Washington Ranked Seventh Most Suicidal State in the Country

Thought about killing yourself lately? If so, could you make a note of it? Inquiring minds want to know.

Particularly the minds at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some of which just announced the results of a study that looks at the frequency with which certain states' populations have "suicidal thoughts."

It turns out that 8.3 million Americans considered ending their own lives last year--or at least reported that they considered ending their own lives.

Of those 8.3 million, about 230,000 were from Washington, which represents a rate of 4.7 percent of the population having reported suicidal thoughts. And of those, 36,000 apparently actually tried to commit suicide.

Topping the most-suicidal list is Utah, where 6.8 percent of the population apparently reported such inclinations. And at the bottom of the list is Georgia, where life is peachy, at 2.1 percent.

The study is, of course, riddled with caveats, such as a low precision of measuring how many people actually had the thoughts, measuring "thoughts" at all, and focusing strictly on the previous year, which, let's face it, was pretty shitty.

At any rate Washington appears to be keeping up its reputation as a prime location to end it all. Yay us.

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